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About us

Who we are?

Techni-Snow Snow Removal (Hull-Aylmer), an Outaouais leader operating a fleet of more than 60 tractors and having more than 6,500 customers in Hull and Aylmer, is proud to offer efficient, conscientious and very early service. 

Techni-Snow (Hull-Aylmer) is a company that employs a team of dynamic, dedicated and competent professionals. It provides reliable service 24/7 with teams that frequently clear snow from customer driveways using specialized equipment. In addition, it offers various discounts and other benefits. To ensure effective service and remain on the leading edge in the snow removal business, Techni-Snow remains abreast of new technology that is available and adopts the most innovative work methods to improve its service quality year after year.

Techni-Snow strives for excellence and is determined to provide impeccable service to its growing number of customers. It has earned its reputation due to its reliable employees, who have received the strictest possible training and who listen to customer needs. Techni-Snow is clearly a snow removal company of choice in Hull and Aylmer.