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Snow removal service has become increasingly popular. There are many reasons to sign a snow removal contract: lack of time, affordable service, peace of mind, making better use of personal time, etc. Techni-Snow takes over a chore and lets you spend more time on more enjoyable activities.  

Techni-Snow does everything to provide service beyond compare to its customers. Its tractors are equipped with a GPS, it has supervisors on the road, drivers have received strict and comprehensive training, additional equipment is available in the event of a breakdown, service is provided 24/7, and it has a leading-edge telephone system and Website enabling it to provide customers with its most recent information regarding snow removal service, etc.

Techni-Snow closely monitors city snow removal operations to clear customer premises as efficiently as possible. You can go to our Website and our Facebook page regularly to obtain the most up to date information during a snow storm. Techni-Snow is clearly a snow removal company of choice in Hull, Aylmer.

Our services:

  • Residential snow removal
  • Snow removal for apartment buildings & condos